Herb Martinez “The Line Dr.”

Herb Martinez has built a legacy with his work. With over 50 years of experience, his talent shines through in every custom Pinstriping and Sign Painting project. He has been featured in many publications, including writing his own book, “Guide To Pinstriping”. While he does most of his pinstriping and sign painting from his workshop in the San Francisco Bay area, he also attends many car shows throughout the year, doing tours across the world in France, Switzerland and Germany.

 Herb further exemplifies the legacy of pinstriping and sign painting by offering workshops in order to pass on his knowledge of the trade. He has trained well over 300 students in the art of pinstriping in 6 different countries. The attendees of his workshops are living proof of his teaching ability, and gain a good start into mastering the basics of pinstriping, as well as learning the history of some of the greatest craftsmen the trade has ever seen, including Tommy “The Greek” Hrones.

Herb Martinez is also been inducted into the National Rod & Custom Hall of Fame , Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame, Mack Brush Hall of Fame, San Francisco Rod & Custom Show Hall of Fame and the Von Hot Rod Pinstripers Hall of Fame. He has consulted for House of Kolor, Petzoldts Imports-Germany, Spraylat Corporation (One Shot Sign Enamel), Mack Brush Company, and Fashion Paint. This further proves that his talent and ability is well known among his peers in the Automotive Industry.

Herb’s Services include:
Hand Painted Pinstriping (Cal & Greek Style)
Hand Painted Flames
Restoration Pinstriping
Special Projects
Mixed Media & Vinyl Signs
Pinstriping Workshops
Herb’s Book: “Guide to Pinstriping” This book is out of print and is now a collectible item!

Make your dream project come true. From mild to wild, nothing is out of bounds with The Line Dr.



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ATTENTION to all in the Striping World! I just gotta say,and now this is just my opinion, so for what itz worth…There’s been ALOT of buzz and riff-raff goin’ on about “The next Von-Dutch this & Next Ed Roth that”…Well guess what? Herb Martinez is wearing KROWN! There’s been NOONE work as hard and contribute

Kobbie’s Kubhouse October 24, 2015


Herb’s Recent Work

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